Tuesday January 23, 2018
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Move Store FAQs

Q. What are the dimensions of the boxes provided?
A. The dimensions are 18” X 18” X 24” (L X W X H)

Q. Can I store items that are not contained in boxes (i.e. Television, mini-fridge etc…)?
A. One or two additional items ( i.e. futon, mini fridge, tv)  an additional $50.00

Q. Do all items need the required label?
A. Yes, so all your stuff can be kept together.

Q. Where do I pick up my boxes?
A. Boxes and tape can be picked-up at American Storage Systems /Oneonta U-Haul, 330 Pony Farm Road, Oneonta, NY 13820. We can also provide delivery at your request.

Q. What if I need more than five boxes?
A. More boxes are available at the American Storage Systems/Oneonta UHaul Store, additional charges apply.

Q. If I have more than five boxes is there an additional storage fee?
A. The additional storage is included in the price of the boxes.

Q. Can you drop-off at my Apartment in the fall?
A. Yes, additional fees may apply outside the Oneonta city limits.

Q. I've lost my packing slip copy can I get another?
A. Yes, the packing slips are available for download here.

Q. How much is the move/storage combination for the entire summer?
A. See Pricing.

Have a question you don't see here? Please feel free to contact us.

Move Store Deal

5 Large Boxes
1 Roll of Tape
Spring Pick-up Curbside at the Dorms
Storage for the summer
Fall Drop-off Curbside at the dorms

Additional Boxes:
Large Boxes 49.99*

This price includes storage and delivery fees.

*We are not currently dropping off more than 30 miles outside of Oneonta.

S5 Box